Mai Vino | Amber | Itata Valley, Chile

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Mai Vino | Amber | Itata Valley, Chile

Mai Vino | Amber | Itata Valley, Chile

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Directly linking up with winemakers and growers worldwide, Mai Vino crafts responsibly grown, impeccably balanced single-origin wines fermented with native yeast.

Wild fermentation, dry-farmed, left on the skins for 28 days

Green Packaging: 🌟🥇 1.5L Bagnum! (Two bottles in one Pouch)

Flavor: This wine? It's like walking through a floral garden while sipping your favorite tea. So elegant, so fragrant, it's a vibe.

Wine Type: Low-intervention, Skin-contact

Grape: 90% Moscatel de Alejandria (80-year-old vine), 10% Semillion

ABV%: 13.3

Region: Chile

Vineyard Subregion: Itata Valley

Farming: Certified organic

Yeast: Native

Producer: Mai Vino


Prepare for that classic moment: the inner debate before uncorking a bottle, whether alone or with friends. Meet Pam & Mai of Mai Vino, determined to eliminate wine waste and democratize premium wine. They champion responsibly sourced, single-origin wines, packaged in eco-friendly pouches, slashing carbon footprints by 80%.

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Drink thoughtfully. Drink with a conscience. Drink with impact.

You can feel good when you enjoy your wine, knowing it is made by people who give a damn about the bigger picture.

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