Sustainable wine FAQS


What is sustainable wine? 

We believe wine is sustainable when it is made with the environment and community in mind — from cradle to grave. Sustainable wine can encompass how the wine is made (e.g. low intervention, dry farming) as well as how it is transported and packaged (e.g. lightweight, recyclable materials). 


What is sustainable wine packaging? 

While there is no official definition for sustainable wine packaging, we know it is better for the environment when wine packaging… 

  • Avoids single use elements that usually get thrown in the trash, like foil capsules and paper coverings
  • Favors lightweight materials like boxes, cans, and “bagnums” over heavy glass bottles*
  • Is made of or from recyclable materials

*The exception here is sparkling wine — traditionally you need a certain bottle density to safely transport carbonated wine.

What is low-intervention wine? Is it the same as natural wine? 

Low-intervention wine is made with minimal outside influence in the vineyard or cellar. Simply put — what you grow is what you get. 


You could say that some low-intervention wines are “natural.” But while low-intervention refers to a specific method of winemaking, “natural wine” is essentially a marketing term with no legal definition in the U.S. 


Esquina wine shop FAQs


Does Esquina sell “natural wines”?

The short answer is no. While we do focus on sustainable wine, our wine list is centered on the values of low intervention winemaking, eco-friendly packaging, and diverse winemakers (BIPOC, female, LGBTQ+). Rest assured, there’s a lot of overlap. 


What makes Esquina’s wine list sustainable? 

An element of sustainability is represented in all of our wines — whether in the packaging (glass weight, alternative packaging, recycled label paper, natural cork, no foil capsule), farming practices, or community efforts of the winery.


Our sustainable wine list is also determined by what we choose not to offer. For example, we don’t carry Champagne. This was a tough choice — but ultimately, shipping heavy bottles from France does not make environmental sense when we have wonderfully well-made sparkling wine right here in the U.S. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, such as the exceptional Filipa Pato's 3B. Rest assured, we prioritize limiting our sparkling wine selection from abroad to reduce our carbon footprint.


What is the best way to support diverse winemakers?

Keep them in your conversations, support them on social media, and of course — buy their wine


Do you offer discount codes?

Yes! You can receive 10% off your first order when you sign up for our email list. You can also use the discount code CASE10 for a discount on 12 or more bottles. Party on! 


When will I receive my wine?

Free pick-ups and local San Diego deliveries (free for orders over $100) are available Tuesday through Saturday. Learn more about our pick-up and shipping options here


What if there’s an issue with my order? And what do I do if my wine is corked?

Mistakes and flaws happen (even though sustainable closures lessen the risk of TCA—the unpleasantness that causes “corked wine”). Simply send us an email at info@esquinashopsd.com and we will get it sorted!


Looking for more info on how to get your Esquina wines? Visit our pick-up and delivery page! 


I love your photos! Who's your photographer? 

Farnam West Creative did all of our lifestyle photos. Luke, the owner, is amazing!