Get to Know Us

Welcome to Esquina — a wine shop at the corner of sustainability and community.


“Esquina” is the Spanish word for “corner.” Think of us as your local bodega — where you know the shop owner by name and the feeling of community is center-stage. The only difference? Our corner store happens to be online. We chose the name “Esquina” to respect the multicultural vibes of San Diego, where we’re based, and to celebrate our love of shopping local. 


Our mission is simple - to champion climate action, diversity, and local communities through our wine selection by prioritizing environmentally-conscious packaging and low-intervention winemaking from producers who care about the planet.

As a female POC-founded business, we understand the importance of representation. We are passionate about seeking out diverse wine producers of all backgrounds and races. We also uphold our commitment to the community by donating a portion of our sales to local non-profits that directly impact San Diego.


Shopping for wine should be chill. Unpretentious. And mindful of the Earth. We hope you find all of those things at Esquina. Grab a few wines, a few friends, and enjoy these wines in the sunshine. Thank you for visiting your local (online) wine shop — wherever you might be!


About the founder


Hi! I’m Heidi — founder of Esquina and San Diego local for 20+ years. I love the diverse neighborhoods, surfer beaches, proximity to Mexico — and of course, all the amazing wine to be found here. You can usually find me, my partner Derek, and our beloved rescue dog Cooper enjoying a cup of wine (probably from a box or can) on the patio or in the park.


I've been involved in the wine industry for years and became aware of the significant environmental impact of producing and shipping wine. That's when I knew I had to take action to preserve the beautiful things I cherish about this industry - history, agriculture, and environmental sustainability. And so, Esquina was born - the ultimate online wine shop that embraces eco-friendliness and positivity.


Esquina is a manifestation of everything I believe in - community, diversity, sustainability, and of course, wine! So come and experience our exceptional wines that may be a bit off-the-wall or something you haven't tried before. Let us help you explore new tastes and horizons while supporting a local and sustainable business. Thanks for being here!


Much love,