Our Promise to You

We vet the wines, so you don’t have to.

At Esquina, we pride ourselves in choosing high-quality wines produced via transparent farming and winemaking practices. You can trust that every wine on our list is aligned with our values of sustainability, diversity, and community — and cultivated from companies and people who share those ideals.

We promise to be honest with where your wine comes from, how it was made, and how the packaging respects a commitment to the environment.

We all want wine to be around forever — but if things don’t change, it won’t be. The industry, producers, and consumers all need to do more to ensure we can keep drinking delicious wine for decades and centuries to come.

How do you make wine sustainable? For us, that means focusing on boxed wine, canned wine, lightweight bottles, and local wines (glass is one of the biggest carbon-footprint culprits). We also focus on low intervention winemaking that respects the environment where the wine comes from.

On top of our experience in sustainable wine, we’re always expanding our knowledge by attending carbon management workshops and symposiums, partnering with other passionate industry folks, and researching the latest developments so we can continue to deliver on our sustainable wine promise to you.

For centuries, the wine industry has been white-male dominated. This is starting to change — but slowly. Esquina is a female POC-founded business. We know that representation matters, and we are always doing what we can to accelerate change and put the spotlight on diverse winemakers. In our wine list, you’ll find a focus on female, BIPOC, and other radical diverse vintners that deserve your attention (and sipping appreciation!).

Community & Giving back
Wine is an expression of place. We believe shopping for wine should be the same.

We’re consistently looking to feature more local wines from our San Diego home — and from our close neighbors in Baja California. At the same time, we love to give back to our community. We offer curated “Tote Bags for a Good Cause” and quarterly donations to local organizations for environmental and BIPOC benefit. Some of our prior recipients are Business For GoodThe Animal Pad, Minnow, Tree San Diego, Young Breast Cancer Project, Sunshine Ranch Therapeutic Riding, and This Is About Humanity.

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