Ameztoi, Rubentis | Rosé | 2021 | Spain

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Ameztoi, Rubentis | Rosé | 2021 | Spain

Ameztoi, Rubentis | Rosé | 2021 | Spain

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After handpicking, Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabi Beltza grapes are combined for destemming. After direct pressing, fermentation with indigenous yeast occurs in stainless steel at 15° C for 20 days. Towards the end of fermentation, the tanks are closed to preserve the naturally occurring carbonation, which is the preferred style of Getaria. The tanks are then kept chilled to near freezing before bottling, which preserves the wine’s delicate, effervescent character and signature mousse.

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Flavor: Blood orange, ruby red grapefruit, crushed green herbs, and white pepper

Wine Type: Low-intervention, Rosé

Grape: 50% Hondarribi Beltza and 50% Hondarribi Zuri

ABV%: 11

Region: Spain

Vineyard Subregion: Basque Country

Farming: Ecologic

Yeast: Native

Producer: Ameztoi

Winemaker: Ignacio Ameztoi

Ignacio Ameztoi is the seventh-generation winemaker at Ameztoi, located in the beautiful coastal town of Getaria on the Bay of Biscay. Over the rolling sea-side hills, Ameztoi has over 50 acres of vines in the ground that are all grown sustainably, some of which are pergola trained -- a technique used to promote good airflow in humid regions. The sea breeze can better infiltrate the bunches, leaving a distinct character in the grapes and finished wine.

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