Cedric | Malbec 3L Box | 2020 | France

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Cedric | Malbec 3L Box | 2020 | France

Cedric | Malbec 3L Box | 2020 | France

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Baby Cedric is born from a 30-hectare iconic certified organic estate nestled in the heart of the Lot Valley. The vines are located on the stony third terrace, imparting a light, more mineral-driven style. Grapes are carefully selected and de-stemmed for primary fermentation and MLF in stainless steel. Extraction is gentle, with short maceration and an overall light touch. Every decision is intended to preserve the freshness of fruit. Fined and filtered in accordance with bag-in-box requirements. 

Green Packaging: ⭐️🥇 3L box wine!

Flavor: Vibrant red fruit to match everything. 

Wine Type: Low-intervention, Sustainable AF

Grape: Malbec

ABV%: 14

Region: France

Vineyard Subregion: Cahors

Farming: Practicing organic and sustainable

Yeast: Native

Producer: Pascal Verhaeghe

Winemaker: Pascal Verhaeghe

This family estate includes 27 hectares of organically farmed vineyards, of which 90% are Malbec vines. In the 1990s, when the next generation took over the estate, they banned the use of all herbicides and chemicals. Their driving quest is balance, ecological balance in the vineyards, and balance in the wines they make.

Pascal is a legend in the region. His attention to detail and depth of experience permits him to prevent wines with very minimal intervention that are clean and reflect their terroir transparently and accurately.

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Drink thoughtfully. Drink with a conscience. Drink with impact.

You can feel good when you enjoy your wine, knowing it is made by people who give a damn about the bigger picture.

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