Santa Colomba, 'Oran-go' | Garganega | 2021 | Italy

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Santa Colomba, 'Oran-go' | Garganega  | 2021 | Italy

Santa Colomba, 'Oran-go' | Garganega | 2021 | Italy

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10-day maceration on the skins, fermentation with indigenous yeasts in stainless steel, maturation in steel and wood barrels.

Green Packaging: Nomacorc Select Green (100% recyclable closure made from renewable, plant-based polymers), No foil capsule

Flavor: Spices, incense, violet

Wine Type: Low-intervention, Orange

Grape: Garganega

ABV%: 13

Region: Italy

Vineyard Subregion: Veneto IGT

Farming: Organic

Yeast: Native

Producer: Santa Colomba

Winemaker: Marco Dani & Gianfranco Mistrorigo

Santa Colomba is a very recent project, inaugurated in the current management in 2016, but with very clear ideas. Marco Dani and Gianfranco Mistrorigo, respectively agronomist and oenologist of the company, were also the creators of this new chapter of a story that began in the distant 10th century. Franco Giacosa also collaborates.

On the Berici Hills of villa San Fermo in Lonigo, today 8 and a half hectares of vineyards are growing, first of all Garganega - the vine of the territory - but also Istrian Malvasia and Bordeaux cultivars. Marco and Gianfranco farm organically, certified in 2019, with the intent to bring to life and support the botanical variety of the land.

The approach in the winemaking phase is fully coherent with the viticultural one: spontaneous fermentations are entrusted to a pied de cuve from indigenous yeasts, the refinements take place on the fine lees, without any forced clarification, but limiting to a coarse filtration before going into bottle if necessary. The management of sulphites is prudent and proportionate to the real needs of individual wines. The end result is surprisingly fine and elegant.

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