Pipeño, Blanco Carrizal | White Blend 1L | 2021 | Chile

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Pipeño, Blanco Carrizal | White Blend 1L | 2021 | Chile

Pipeño, Blanco Carrizal | White Blend 1L | 2021 | Chile

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The 100-200-year-old vines harvested by hand and manually destemmed using a zaranda (a traditional mat used to separate the berries from the stems). Spontaneous fermentation and maceration (3 weeks) occurs with indigenous yeasts in open wooden lagares at the site they were farmed. The wine is then racked to wooden tanks called pipas (hence “pipeño”) or stainless steel tanks to be transported to a bottling facility where the wine is lightly filtered and bottled very shortly after its fermentation to be released in a primeur style. S02 specifics are: half a gram per hectoliter added after fermentation for transportation, half a gram at racking in the cellar and one to two grams added at bottling.

Green Packaging: 🌟 Ultra-lightweight 1L bottle (484g)

Flavor: White flowers, refreshing, the perfect picnic wine.

Wine Type: Skin-contact, Orange

Grape: Moscatel, Chasselas, Sémillon, Torontel

ABV%: 12.7

Region: Chile

Vineyard Subregion: Maule

Farming: Practicing organic

Yeast: Native

Producer: Louis-Antoine Luyt

Winemaker: Louis-Antoine Luyt

Made in a primeur style for immediate consumption, Pipeño is derogatory slang for "peasant wine" and is usually made with the Paìs grape. Louis-Antoine is largely responsible for reclaiming the term, highlighting unique terroirs and farmers: each bottle sports the name of a sub-region and is either purchased fruit he's vinified or finished wine made by the farmer.

For Carrizal, farmer Ernesto Soto tends organic, dry-farmed bush vines ranging from 100 to 200 years old on sandy, clay soils rich in decomposed granite in the Carrizal sub-zone of the small wine region of Itata.

All Pipeños come in one-liter bottles.

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