J. Brix, Signs & Wonder | Co-Ferment | 2021 | San Diego

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J. Brix, Signs & Wonder | Co-Ferment | 2021 | San Diego

J. Brix, Signs & Wonder | Co-Ferment | 2021 | San Diego

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A newcomer to the wild and fanciful Wonka-style, super-limited experimental offerings we make just for you, Signs + Wonders is not easily explained, but here goes: a 10-day carbonic co-ferment of mostly Syrah + Chenin Blanc, with a bit of skin-contact Riesling and Pinot Meunier, pressed over Syrah skins and bottled as a still wine under crown cap with no added sulfites. (Whew!) Just 51 cases for the world.

Green Packaging: No foil capsule, Crown cap

Flavor: It's like drinking a rainbow. Bright, uplifting and brings a smile to your face.

Wine Type: Low-intervention, co-ferment

Grape: Chenin Blanc & Syrah; skin-contact Riesling; and a touch of Pinot Meunier

ABV%: 12.4

Region: California

Vineyard Subregion: Santa Barbara County

Farming: Combination of certified organic & sustainable

Yeast: Native

Producer: J. Brix

Winemaker: Emily Towe & Jody Brix Towe

Based in Escondido, J. Brix creates limited production wines from vineyards throughout California in their urban winery.

From the very beginning, Jody & Emily’s motto has been, “Only Love,” and the love shines through in their low-invention wines.

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Drink thoughtfully. Drink with a conscience. Drink with impact.

You can feel good when you enjoy your wine, knowing it is made by people who give a damn about the bigger picture.

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