Las Estrellas | Rosato of Tempranillo 1.5L Bagnum | 2019 | Spain

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Las Estrellas | Rosato of Tempranillo 1.5L Bagnum | 2019 | Spain

Las Estrellas | Rosato of Tempranillo 1.5L Bagnum | 2019 | Spain

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A direct press of Tempranillo with no time on the skins. After fermentation, the wine spends three months in amphora before bottling. The wine is spontaneously fermented, unfined, and unfiltered, with only a tiny amount of sulfur at bottling.

Green Packaging: 🌟 1.5L Bagnum!

Flavor: Light, bright, stone fruit. Raspberries.

Wine Type: Low-intervention, Rosé

Grape: Tempranillo

ABV%: 13

Region: Spain

Vineyard Subregion: La Mancha, Valdepeñas

Farming: Certified biodynamic, Organic

Yeast: Native

Producer: Dionisio de Nova

Winemaker: Karina and Dionisio de Nova

La Bodega de las Estrellas is a fourth generation winery located outside the city of Valdepeñas in La Mancha, Spain.

Winemakers Karina and Dionisio de Nova are acutely focused on cultivating their land in alignment with the stars, planets and Earth. They live by the code that cosmic cycles and rhythms are omnipresent throughout the universe and should be reflected in their vineyards and wine. Protecting the earth, plants, animals, and people who live in and around Valdepenas is tantamount to their farming and winemaking practices.

By never using any pesticides, herbicides in the vineyards, they ensure that biodiversity flourishes and no harm or pollutants come to their ecosystem. In addition, they let their wine spontaneously ferment, never filter or fine, and add only trace amounts of natural sulfur to the wine for preservation.

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Drink thoughtfully. Drink with a conscience. Drink with impact.

You can feel good when you enjoy your wine, knowing it is made by people who give a damn about the bigger picture.

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