DJUCE, MEHLING | Riesling 250mL Can | 2021 | Germany

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DJUCE, MEHLING | Riesling 250mL Can | 2021 | Germany

DJUCE, MEHLING | Riesling 250mL Can | 2021 | Germany

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"A classic and youthful expression of Riesling, ticking all the boxes for what we are looking for from this variety. Stone fruit, minerality, and precise acidity." -- Pontus Lindqvist, Head of Wine, Djuce

Green Packaging: CAN!

Flavor: Ripe lemon, apple, lime

Wine Type: Low-intervention white, Adult summer juice

Grape: Riesling

ABV%: 13.5

Region: Germany

Vineyard Subregion: Deidesheim, Pfalz

Farming: Practicing organic

Yeast: Native

Producer: Weingut Andres

Winemaker: Thomas and Michael Andres

DJUCE is on a mission to reduce environmental impact by swapping out glass bottles for modern, sleek cans. It's time to say goodbye to the outdated bottle and embrace a unique, artistic can design that will inspire you to savor every moment of life.

Brothers Thomas and Michael Andres took over their parents' winery in Deidesheim in 2015. Within a very short time they have become a constant in the area. Their wines are simultaneously powerful and elegant, delivering maximum drinking pleasure even in their youth. This now fully organic 21-hectare estate focuses on Riesling, but also produces some stunning Burgundian varieties such as Chardonnay and Pinot noir.

At Andres they believe, "A big wine is created in the head. Implementing the vision requires, above all, one resource: time."

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