CARBONISTE, V19 | California Brut | 2019 | California

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CARBONISTE, V19 | California Brut | 2019 | California

CARBONISTE, V19 | California Brut | 2019 | California

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V.19 California Brut is a step toward what you might expect from a more traditional producer, but it retains an unmistakable brightness and energy. Components of this blend were aged in barrel up to 23 months, unsulfured.

It has added weight from aging in barrel as well as in bottle, which allows this wine to handle fatty foods better than our earlier offerings. Consider pairing this wine with moules frites or steak tartare.

After harvest, grapes were pressed whole cluster and settled for 1-2 days as juice. Clear juice helps to retain the purity and focus of this wine. The juice was fermented in barrel with native and commercial yeast at 60-70°F for 3 weeks. The fermentation sediment was kept with the wine in barrel for 11-23 months without the addition of sulfur dioxide. The wine was bottled with fresh yeast and a small amount of sugar.

After 11 months in bottle, the yeast had consumed the sugar, the sediment was removed, and we added back a small amount of wine and sugar. The bottles were recapped in order to preserve the natural youth and freshness of the wine. We prefer crown caps as a final closure. They are safe and easy to open, and they are trusted across the world to age wines before disgorging (including Champagne!).

Green Packaging: Crown cap

Flavor: Equally bright and lush on the palate. If the Wine Bible calls champagne "a sword enveloped in whipped cream" this sparkler is a switchblade thrust in California-made creme fraiche ready to slather a nearby blini.

Wine Type: Sparkling

Grape: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay

ABV%: 12.5

Region: California

Vineyard Subregion: Santa Cruz, Marin County, Santa Rita Hills, CA


Yeast: Native and commercial

Producer: Carboniste

Winemaker: Dan & Jacqueline Person

How do you say "champagne" in Californian? "Carboniste". But this is no Valley Girl-speak. Refined techniques paired with the constant stream of California sunshine, warm days, and cool nights reimagines the traditional sparkling staple.

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