Georgas Family, Hoot | Amber 1.5L Bagnum | 2021 | Greece

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Georgas Family, Hoot | Amber 1.5L Bagnum | 2021 | Greece

Georgas Family, Hoot | Amber 1.5L Bagnum | 2021 | Greece

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Natural vinification with wild fermentation in stainless steel tank. 5 days of skin contact, after a 3-hour gentle pressing, removal of lees, and small addition of sulfites.

Savatiano is the most planted grape of Greece, yet still largely unexplored. It is indigenous to the Attica region of Central Greece, the hottest and most arid area of Greece. Unfortunately, its use in low quality retsina wine in the 1970’s and 80’s, gave it a bad reputation. Its potential is once again starting to shine in the hands of artisanal growers like Georgas, who make it in fresh, aged, and sweet vinifications, with impressive results.

Green Packaging: 🌟 1.5L Bagnum! (Two bottles in one Bagnum)

Flavor: Mature yellow fruit notes, with a full and round palate

Wine Type: Skin-contact

Grape: 100% Savatiano

ABV%: 12.1

Region: Greece

Vineyard Subregion: Attica PGI

Farming: Certified biodynamic, Certified organic, Dry-farmed

Yeast: Native

Producer: Georgas Family

Winemaker: Dimitris Georgas

The Georgas Family is located in the historical area of Spata, the center of retsina and the unexplored Savatiano white grape, where they can trace their agriculture roots 380 years back. They cultivate their 4.5 ha of estate owned dry vineyards biodynamically, with very low yields (21 hectoliters / ha).

Dimitris Georgas had no intention of becoming a winemaker. After a degree in geology, and two masters degrees in oceanography and environmental management, he inherited the vineyards when his father passed away. He decided to take the plunge, and immediately turned to organic viticulture in 1998, and started farming biodynamically only a few years later.

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