Litro Bucce | Orange 1L | 2020 | Italy

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Litro Bucce | Orange 1L | 2020 | Italy

Litro Bucce | Orange 1L | 2020 | Italy

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100% Trebbiano from 35+-year-old vines. Spontaneous fermentation with 5 days of skin maceration. Aged in resin tanks. "Bucce" refers to the grape skins and skin-macerated style of this cuvee.

Green Packaging: 1L bottle, No foil capsule

Flavor: You like "natty" orange wine? This will make you fulfill your dreams. 

Wine Type: Low-intervention, Super natty orange

Grape: Trebbiano

ABV%: 12.8

Region: Italy

Vineyard Subregion: Umbria

Farming: Practicing organic

Yeast: Native

Producer: Vini Conestabile della Staffa

Winemaker: Danilo Marcucci

The history of the wines of Conestabile della Staffa is truly a window into the history of the Umbrian paradigm.

Wine and culture collide under the guidance of master natural wine-whisperer, eno-artisan Danilo Marcucci. La Staffa is of his wife's family ancestry, this is made clear every time Danilo speaks of the property...he is merely a guest, married to the vines and his wife Alessandra's noble lineage.

The family history of Conestabile della Staffa is long and complicated, as one would expect for a noble family that dates back through the middle ages. The Conestabile families originated in Orvieto, the southwestern corner of Umbria just north of Rome. The Della Staffa family dates back to antiquity and is from Perugia, just several kilometers from the winery.

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