La Boutanche, Olivier Minot | Gamay Noir 1L | 2020 | France

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La Boutanche, Olivier Minot  | Gamay Noir 1L | 2020 | France

La Boutanche, Olivier Minot | Gamay Noir 1L | 2020 | France

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Pure unadulterated glou glou in a liter-sized screw-top bottle. 100% Gamay from Southern Beaujolais, the grapes are harvested from 90-year-old vines, fermented and aged in concrete tanks, and bottled with zero sulfur.

Green Packaging: 🌟 Ultra-lightweight 1L bottle, No foil capsule

Flavor: Bright fresh fruit, dry and tart

Wine Type: Low-intervention, Crowd-pleaser

Grape: Gamay Noir

ABV%: 11.5

Region: France

Vineyard Subregion: Southern Beaujolais

Farming: Practicing organic

Yeast: Native

Producer: Oliver Minot

Winemaker: Olivier Minot

The first run of Boutanche was back in 2012. As you may remember, it had a bright pink label that read ‘La Boutanche’ with a pig in a Hawaiian shirt polishing off a glass of wine above that and not much else. The juice inside was what mattered (at the time, it was Gamay made by Maison PUR), and the juice inside seriously over delivered for its low retail price.

It was an immediate hit. Flash forward to today, and there are many different Boutanche: the grasshopper (Andi Knauss), the fish (Frantz Saumon), the pig (Olivier Minot), the French bulldog (Quentin Bourse), the gorilla (Martin Texier), you name it. 

Boutanche is now synonymous with high-quality natty juice at a fair price, so stay tuned for new releases under this label.

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