Julie Benau, “Classique” | Picpoul de Pinet | 2020 | France

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Julie Benau, “Classique”  | Picpoul de Pinet | 2020 | France

Julie Benau, “Classique” | Picpoul de Pinet | 2020 | France

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This is Julie's flagship wine made from 100% Picpoul Blanc. The wine has a good body and round texture thanks to extended lees aging while retaining a "lip-smacking" acidity. "Picpoul" literally means "lip-stinger."  🦪🦪🦪

Green Packaging: Nomacorc Smart Green (100% recyclable closure made from renewable, plant-based polymers)

Flavor: Racy, crisp, herbaceous, ripe orchard fruits, under-ripe tropical fruits, and tea leaves.

Wine Type: Low-intervention, Sessionable

Grape: Picpoul Blanc

ABV%: 13.5

Region: France

Vineyard Subregion: Languedoc-Roussillon

Farming: Practicing organic

Yeast: Native

Producer: Julie Benau

Winemaker: Julie Benau

The Benau family bought their property, a 16th-century fortified farmhouse in the south of France, in 1980, and for the next twenty years or so, they sold all their grape production to the local co-op. In 1999, when their young daughter Julie returned home, they began bottling some of the wine on their own, and at her insistence, they are aiming for only the highest quality.

They are adapting their vineyard work and are making investments in the cellar with the goal of increasing the quality and, as the quality merits, bottling more wine.

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